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Our Mission

logo-siteFirstly, our mission is to guarantee that every product with this seal is:

  •  Safe for animals and humans
  •  Very powerful, offering outstanding benefits
  •  Made with the best quality Wyoming sodium bentonite clay
  •  Made from clay harvested using eco-conscious mining practices
  •  Manufactured and transported using an ethically and environmentally conscious approach


Secondly, we are committed to keeping you informed and to answering any questions or concerns you may have about sodium bentonite clay-based cat litters.

Safe4mycat is a group of highly committed manufacturers, miners and vendors formed in order to help you demystify the information concerning safety and environmental issues surrounding sodium bentonite clay-based products and to highlight the many powerful benefits of these products.

Safe4mycat is the creator and owner of the seal and the only entity that can approve the use of the seal on Wyoming sodium bentonite clay-based products. Use of the seal is reserved for companies that meet the standards established to protect and best serve consumers’ interests.

Safe4mycat is dedicated to establishing and continually improving the product, environmental and safety standards related to the mining and production of clay litters so that you are not only buying a top quality product but also one you can feel good about using.

old-logo Our logo has evolved. You may have purchased a bag of litter with our original Eco-friendly logo. We now have a new Safe4mycat logo but rest assured that you are on the right site to get information about sodium bentonite clay-based litters.

Our commitment

The health of your cat like is important to us. That is why we created safe and effective clay-based litters for your feline friends. All our products are made with Wyoming sodium bentonite harvested using environmentally conscious practices. All Safe4mycat litters are ultra-absorbent, control odours naturally and offer a fine and soft texture for your cat’s comfort.

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