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Powerful cat litter

All clumping clay litters are made from a specific type of clay that is referred to as sodium bentonite. The Wyoming sodium bentonite used in the Safe4mycat products is known to be the standard in terms of sodium bentonite. It is a natural pure, high performance clay that gives your cat litter the power to absorb, clump rapidly and solidly and yet it is safe and gentle for you cat’s paws. Wyoming sodium bentonite is also referred to as blue or silver bentonite due to its blue colour immediately after being mining. As the clay becomes oxygenated, the blue colour changes to a silver-grey colour.

Other clays that are more beige or brown in appearance are not as pure and may contain other trace minerals thereby taking away from the purity and power of the litter. There are many levels of testing involved during the mining and manufacturing process to ensure the integrity and the quality of the Wyoming sodium bentonite clay used in Safe4mycat products.

Benefits Safe4mycat Wyoming clay properties
Super absorbent Absorbs 10-15 times its weight in water and up to twice as much as other clay litters.
Fast clumping Clumps fast due to its absorbent capacity, which is activated by moisture.
Natural odour control Traps and neutralizes odours upon contact due to the highly absorbent and porous nature of the clay.
Highly efficient means you use less Fast, hard clumping means you do not have to completely empty and refill the litter box regularly, you simply take out the clumps and clean the litter box monthly or even longer. This equates to between 30 & 50% less clay needed to do the same job as lower quality or non-clumping clay.
Soft, fine texture Cat preferred vs. other types of litters due to the naturally soft texture and fine-grain.
Natural environment Provides cats with litters closest to their natural etiology.
Virtually no dust Almost dust-free which is better for you and the environment.


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Given its tremendous power and versatility, Wyoming sodium bentonite clay is also used in many other products. Sodium bentonite is sometimes referred to as the clay of 1,000 uses! Products uses range from things like chocolate bars and wine clarifying to lipsticks and other cosmetic products. The absorbent capacity of clay offers many great cleansing and detoxifying benefits.

old-logo Our logo has evolved. You may have purchased a bag of litter with our original Eco-friendly logo. We now have a new Safe4mycat logo but rest assured that you are on the right site to get information about sodium bentonite clay-based litters.

Our commitment

The health of your cat like is important to us. That is why we created safe and effective clay-based litters for your feline friends. All our products are made with Wyoming sodium bentonite harvested using environmentally conscious practices. All Safe4mycat litters are ultra-absorbent, control odours naturally and offer a fine and soft texture for your cat’s comfort.

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