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Safe for you and your cat

Are clumping clay cat litters safe?

Safety concerns regarding sodium bentonite clay litters involve the clay being inhaled or ingested by the cat.

Inhaling the clay:
Clay litters using the Safe4mycat seal use Wyoming sodium bentonite clay that has very little air-born dust and, in addition, after the manufacturing process the finished product is virtually dust-free. This means that inhaling clay dust is not an issue, even for young cats. Wyoming sodium bentonite clay also has very low levels of silica – sometimes raised as a health concern in terms of clay litters. For more detail on silica please see the FAQ section.

Ingesting the clay:
The rapid absorption and hard clumping of Wyoming sodium bentonite clay litters mean that there is very little chance for a cat or kitten to get any litter caught in their paws. Clay litters have been on the market since 1948 and there have been no officially documented negative incidences relating to the accidental ingestion of clay litters. More recently, in the 1990’s sodium bentonite was discovered and was an immediate hit due to its ability to rapidly absorb moisture, reduce odours and form hard clumps. Sodium bentonite litters now account for the vast majority of clay litters on the market and they continue to prove themselves to be safe and highly effective solutions for your cat’s hygiene needs. Sodium bentonite is also used in many cosmetic products, in animal food and even in some chocolate bars!

old-logo Our logo has evolved. You may have purchased a bag of litter with our original Eco-friendly logo. We now have a new Safe4mycat logo but rest assured that you are on the right site to get information about sodium bentonite clay-based litters.

Our commitment

The health of your cat like is important to us. That is why we created safe and effective clay-based litters for your feline friends. All our products are made with Wyoming sodium bentonite harvested using environmentally conscious practices. All Safe4mycat litters are ultra-absorbent, control odours naturally and offer a fine and soft texture for your cat’s comfort.

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